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We offer an array of services designed to help create, transform, reshape and polish your script so you can have the best crafted pages that will not only enhance the story you are telling, but your prospect buyers and your targeted audience.

Our services include:

  • creation – we help you by creating, writing, and collaborating in synopsis, pilots, treatments, script drafts, TV bibles, etc.
  • team – we design and supervise writer’s rooms; help hire and oversee screenwriters; bring together a team of specialists or work with your designated writers.
  • coverage – we evaluate scripts through written reports with a thorough analysis of the script that includes a logline, synopsis, a pass/consider/recommend rating and comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the script.
  • script doctor – we work with screenwriters, producers, and directors throughout an extensive process of restructuring and rewriting the script providing valuable output, recommendations and suggestions every step of the way.
  • script surgery – just like physical surgeons, we come onboard to cut, restructure and stitch together very punctual parts, characters or lines of the script that still needs improvement. We can perform the surgery with or without the original screenwriter(s).
  • script mediation – just like law mediators, we get involved to help intermediate any concerns between a group of screenwriters, and/or directors and producers. Our role is to be impartial and look out for the best interest of the script, without favoritisms.

We are constantly on the look for new, unique, commercial, high concept and inspiring intellectual property. Once we identify the IP from a vast array, we immediately negotiate the rights and option them. If the story proves to have traction in the market, then we will negotiate and buy the rights to adapt into a different format or to remake it in a different territory / language. We have expertise in adapting books and real stories to both TV and film; as well as strengthen the reach of an existing IP, such as in proven concepts like book-podcast-tv series.

Here as our main services in this area:

  • we are constantly on the look for books, biographies, real stories, remake rights, media news and other IP sources.
  • we cultivate strong relationships with various media outlets who will feed us firsthand on extraordinary stories about ordinary people, as well as stories about extraordinary people.
  • we attend the main film festivals and markets to scout for IPs, such as book fairs and book rights markets.
  • we are periodically in touch with a pool of writers and screenwriters from around the world who offer us their unique material.
  • we are proud to have as partners top literary agents and publishing houses who send us their upcoming material for option on a weekly basis.
  • we produce sales material such as one-pager, teaser, mood board, pitch deck, pitch script so your company can shop around.
  • we help with the packaging of the projects, as well as branding and marketing it.

Besides outsourcing and developing film and TV projects for our clients, we help them rethink their priorities and what they want to achieve amid a fast-changing entertainment environment. We help them manage their content slate, as well as their content team. Our goal is to forge a strong connection between team members while having a content slate that is representative of the company.

Here is what we offer our clients:

  • sort out their current and future slate helping stay focused on the editorial line of the company. We create a very accurate diagnostic about projects that are missing from the picture, as well as the ones that are doubled.
  • recruit, hire and manage screenwriters to develop compelling stories within the editorial guidelines of the company.
  • approve and manage project budgets, always keeping in mind how to maximize the funds with the best ROI.
  • determine the strategy and creative direction of all content by analyzing every single project, always based on core values of the company.
  • liaise between producers, screenwriters, cast and crew to seamlessly develop high-performing films, documentaries, and TV shows.

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"I first met Laura Malin on the set of THE RIVER MURDERS, and I was quickly impressed. It is hardly surprising that Laura has built such an extensive resume in her home country, having written several hit television shows, feature films, and novels. I was fully confident with her tremendous abilities, which she has proven so many times throughout her long career."
Screenwriter: The Big Empty, White Orchid, The Promised Land, The Last Lonely Place, The River Murders And Fuck.
"Laura is an amazingly versatile storyteller whose work has impressed critics and audiences for years. While most of her fans know Laura for her work in television, her popular novels, and her theatrically released films, she has an even more extensive reputation within the industry as a “script doctor” and story consultant. Beyond her credited works, some of Laura’s most important accomplishments have taken place internally in leading studios and production companies throughout Brazil. Laura Malin has a reputation as a writer with a golden touch, who not only writes and sells outstanding original work to filmmakers across the world, but who also has the rare ability to take someone else’s promising story and elevate it to the level of genius.!
Director: Astral City (top ten Brazilian box office of all times), Kardec, Amor Assombrado, A Menina Índigo, Que Geração É Essa?, A Cartomante
"I had the happy opportunity to work with Laura's supervision as a creative producer. Being a writer herself, Laura has a broad and precise view of the quality of the script, acting as a true partner. Her sensitivity, talent, commitment and objectivity, in addition to her expertise in several areas of the industry, makes her perfect to act as a solid link between the various talents involved in the project, giving confidence to everyone on the team."
Screenwriter: Till Luck Do Us Apart, Divórcio, On Air: TV on TV, God Save The King, Uma Loucura de Mulher, S.O.S. Emergência, Brida, A Cara do Pai, Eu Sou Mais Eu

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