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As producers and investors Consultants, we assist investors, producers and distributors to close collaborations and find / offer financing for films and TV series.

Here is how we can help your company / project: 

  • we cultivate strong relationships with various streamers, cable & conventional TV distributors, who will feed us firsthand on what kind of content they are looking for. We also have periodic meetings with the main players to offer them our client’s slates.
  • we design international co-production agreements and analyze bilateral agreements between countries to facilitate collaborations.
  • we research domestic and international tax incentives and help adapt the content to be produced within your budget.
  • we break down the project budgets and waterfalls to make sure our investing clients are in a safe and privileged recoupment position when making an investment.
  • we annually participate in film and TV market events to seek out co-production and financing opportunities.
  • our consulting team of international lawyers are available to draft contracts, analyze waterfalls and incorporate LLCs.

 With 30+ years of international film festivals & TV markets experience, we understand the importance of this circuit to amass worldwide recognition for our client’s projects.

Here are some of our focal points regarding those events:

  • evaluate which festivals are fit for your productions and strategize their selection in competition or out of competition.
  • bring our client’s projects to film & TV markets to meet with prospect buyers or sellers.

  • help you navigate each different film festival logistics and maximize their participation by scheduling meetings and attending key events.

  • assist our clients with submitting their films for competition or non-competition in film festivals.

  • lobby your project to get in front of the right people, giving it the best possible shot of being selected.

  • work with PR and marketing professionals to get the best results out of each festival.

  • get in front of potential partners during those events to discuss co-productions, sales and to get visibility.

We are always on the look for unique opportunities for film & TV sales and acquisition. In order to sell and/or acquire feature and documentary films, as well as TV shows and series, we focus on: 

  • partnering up with sales agents and sales reps to identify and help our clients acquire commercial titles for distribution in different platforms, territories and windows.
  • helping producers distribute their films on big players as well as in specific, key territories with the best possible domestic and international distributors.

  • assisting our distribution clients identify potential titles for investment, pre-buy or remake.

  • targeting distributors who are looking for international content. We offer them our client’s film and TV libraries in multiple territories and formats.


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"I had the privilege to work on different projects and films with Laura Malin and her team. I found working with Laura extremely pleasant, and productive, and always had amazing results. Both on the creative side and on the international financial distribution, Laura is knowledgeable, hard-working focused on results and making deal happens. In this complicated and ever-changing film and TV  world, working with a professional like Laura with her level of understanding and preparation is a key to the success of any project and I would always rely on her for my present and future projects."
Producer: Medeas, Galore, Song Of The Tree, The White Line,  A Paixão Segundo G.H., The Crying Steppe,  Parsifal, Monica
"There are few brave individuals one comes across in an industry ridden by art bias and fearful gate-keepers. This is the current state of the independent film industry. It's an industry overridden with endless content and in which few are brave enough to discover films that transcend biases and cross borders. In my quest to find trusted homes for the Lebanese film ‘1982’ few were brave enough to consider the film and to speak for it. Then I met Laura Malin. Upon viewing the film, Laura reached out and communicated with such transparency, that I immediately felt I found trusted partner who could find the right home for the film in Brazil. Leaving no stone unturned in the quest to put the film out in the world, Laura found the best home imaginable for 1982 in Brazil. The wonderful process and the transparency has made for a lasting friendship and a person with whom, given the opportunity, I see myself working in the future.."
Director: 1982,The Rifle, the Jackal, The Wolf and the Boy; Saint in the Sun
"When we retained Laura’s services for our feature film, Laura did an excellent job, from the suggestions on the brainstorming sessions with our team, from specific scenes to plot and dialogues, to helping deliver the first draft with excellent quality and on time. She has also contributed with specific research, casting suggestions, and approaching talent due to her excellent relations with the movie industry. Her knowledge as a co-producer on her other projects comes also as a benefit, as her advices are always very cost conscience."
Former Managing Director of SFX/Clear Channel Entertainment in Brazil and South.

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