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who we are

Malin Entertainment is an experienced consulting company dedicated to creative development, sales, co-production and market positioning of films, TV series and literature. Always striving for female leadership, equality and diversity, we have sought teams composed primarily by women. In this cooperative environment, we manage multiple projects per year through a dynamic and detail-oriented process while also coaching our clients and exceeding in the entertainment industry.

In our 25 years working with the entertainment industry, we have created lasting professional relationships with Brazilian and international clients based in the U.S., Latin America, Angola, France and Portugal. Initially incorporated in 1997, in São Paulo as Trilogia Films, the company later on expanded to Rio de Janeiro in 2009 and had its name changed to Tapiz Communications. Finally, in 2014, it set foot in Los Angeles and gained the current title of Malin Entertainment Inc. In 2022, we had a new logo made to celebrate our 25 years of expertise!

Malin Entertainment (2022 - 2014)
Tapiz Filmes (2014 - 2009)
Trilogia Comunicação e Arte (2009 - 1997)

our mission

to help create emotions through storytelling

meet our team

Malin Entertainment - LAURA MALIN CEO

Laura Malin

Founder and CEO

Laura is one of the top independent development and content consultants in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. She has cultivated a record of success by helping talents, production and distribution companies, as well as publishers, studios and OTTs. In 2014, Laura established Malin Entertainment in Los Angeles. As the founder and CEO of the company, Ms. Malin best attributes are being a reliable critical thinker who brings outside perspective to her clients and their projects. A strategic thinker, Laura is an adaptive and very attentive listener, as well as an effective communicator with a strong familiarity with global business operations. Her clients have a growing list of highly rated media productions and a 70% returning rate. 

Aside from the executive position, Ms. Malin is also a seasoned screenwriter and a best-selling book author with eight published books. Laura has specialized in Writing and Screenwriting at UC Berkeley, while carrying a BA in Social Communications from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian born, Laura spent her childhood in Paris and currently lives in California with her two daughters.


Luisa is a Film and TV Production 3rd year student at California State University of Northridge. Currently taking a year to study arts in Florence, Italy, she is attending European film festivals in 21/22. 

After interning in some Hollywood companies, Luisa started to work at her family’s company where she assists to scout, curate and analyze IPs, while helping in project development. Also a photographer, the Sophomore year student attends screenings, takes meetings and reads a lot of scripts!

Malin Entertainment - Duda Person

duda persson

Duda is a Film student at FAAP in São Paulo, Brazil.  An avid reader and an intuitive writer since an early age, she dedicated herself to studying screenwriting and storytelling. She attended the Professional Training for Screenwriters at Roteiraria in 2021. 

Duda assists the company in projects developments, creation, writing, translations, research, and managing social media. She’s also specialized in creating online content for social networks and professional video editing.

Alexandra Akira is a Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary General’s Office for Partnerships and the SG’s Youth Envoy.  She began her work with the United Nations in 2010 and has partnerships with all 57 United Nations Agencies including UNICEF, UNEP, WHO, UN Women and the Office of Legal Affairs for Oceans. She is also the CEO of Model UN Impact (MUN Impact) that supports all youth led engagement programs that simulate the United Nations through Model UN organized conferences. 

Alexandra attended the University of Connecticut and the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she resides.


Jennifer van Sijll has an MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and has taught screenwriting at UC Berkeley and SFSU. She is a seasoned script analyst and has contributed to 100 documentaries as a story editor and writer. Most recently she scripted the award-winning independent film, Ballerina: A One Woman Show, that won awards internationally.

She is the best-selling author of “Cinematic Storytelling.” Her book has sold over 150,000 copies, has been translated into 12 languages, and has been adopted by film schools worldwide.

She also worked for China Central Television in Beijing as a story editor and scriptwriter.

Mauro Malin

A journalist since 1966, Mauro Malin also became a historian in 1980, with a degree from the Sorbonne University (Paris). He worked as a reporter and editor in different media platforms in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro. Between 1999 and 2003, Mauro was the Communications Director of the American Chamber of Commerce of Brazil. He has also worked for the Brazilian Federal Administration and state government of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as a Writer-in-Chief and a Senior editor.
Mauro was one of the founders of the Press Observatory (Observatório da Imprensa), a publication that served to analyze and qualify the Brazilian media content for more than 20 years.

capabilities & codes

54161 – management consulting services

71 – arts, entertainment, recreation

7115 – independent artists, writers & performers

711510 – independent artists, writers & performers

512120 – motion pictures & video distribution

52110 – motion pictures & video production

T006 – photo, map, print publication / film, videotape production

T013 – photo, map, print publication: techincal writing 

T016 – audio / visual

T099 – other

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