Malin Entertainment is an experienced consultant company dedicated to creative development, sales, co-production and market positioning of films, TV series and literature. Always striving for female leadership, equality and diversity, we have sought teams composed primarily by women. In this cooperative environment, we manage multiple projects per year through a dynamic and detail-oriented process while also coaching our clients and exceeding in the entertainment industry.

In the more than 20 years of entertainment industry experience, we have created lasting professional relationships with Brazilian and international clients based in the U.S., Latin America, Angola, France and Portugal. Initially incorporated in 1997, in São Paulo as Trilogia Films, the company later on expanded to Rio de Janeiro in 2009 and had its name changed to Tapiz Communications. Finally, in 2014, it set foot in Los Angeles and gained the current title of Malin Entertainment.

Trilogia Films (1997-2009)

Tapiz Comunicação (2009 – 2014)

Malin Entertainment